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How Review Karma Works

At Review Karma we provide a simple way for authors and podcasters to get quick, quality, real, verified reviews on Amazon and iTunes, which are incredibly important to the success of a book and podcast.  Through the review process, members can also connect with each other which provides an amazing opportunity to guest podcast or invite incredible guests on your show.  Finally,  you'll have access to our extensive podcast search engine, with 290,000+ shows, to connect with the podcast host and book your next guest podcast gig.


Add Your Books & Podcasts Fast 

Add your books and podcasts in just a few minutes.  Then you’ll be ready to get unlimited quality reviews on Amazon and iTunes 


Get Good Karma

Browse our library of books & podcasts and get Good Karma by writing reviews for other authors and podcasters.


Get Reviews

Get Amazon book and/or Apple Podcast reviews in 3 days or less by using your Good Karma to request reviews of your book(s) and / or podcast(s).


Connect & Extend Your Reach

Connect with authors & podcasters who have given you reviews or one's you've given a review and tap into our extensive podcast search engine to discover your next guest podcast opportunity.


Unlimited Reviews
With Review Karma, authors and podcasters can get unlimited reviews with just one simple flat fee per month. You'll have full control of when and how often your book(s) or podcast(s) are reviewed and know exactly when your review has been posted.  Reviews are also automatically verified with
Amazon and iTunes.
Get Reviews Fast
Don’t wait for reviews or bother asking acquaintances. Get Amazon book and Apple Podcast reviews fast, typically within 3 days.  Plus, you can request multiple reviews of all your books and podcasts at the same time.  Perfect for book and podcast launches or for those looking to get reviews fast. 
Reviews for Both
Authors and Podcasters
As we all know, reviews are incredibly important for both authors on Amazon and podcasters on Apple Podcast.  With Review Karma you now have a simple and easy way to get real, quality, verified reviews of your books and podcasts in one place.
Connect & Build An Audience
Guest podcasting and having amazing guests on your own show is an incredibly powerful way to share you message and build an audience. With Review Karma, both authors and podcasters can easily connect as part of the review process and build their audience. Ask to be invited as a podcast guest or invite others to be a guest on your show. 
Discover Your Next Guest Podcast Opportunity
Our podcast search engine has thousands of podcasts that you can sort, filter, and discover new shows to listen to or your next guest podcast opportunity.  You'll have several filters including the ability to filter shows that interview guests and for most podcasts, get the host website and email info, so you can reach out and connect.
Save Time with
Review Recommendations
We know how busy you are and as a member, may not have the time to review multiple books and podcasts.  For that reason, we have a team to help provide you with solid reviews that you can use as a draft and post on Amazon or Apple Podcast.  This will save you time and let you request your own book or podcast reviews more quickly.


Where will my reviews for my book and/or podcast appear?

What happens to my reviews and good karma should I decide to cancel my Review Karma account?

Is Review Karma Free?

Are my book and podcast reviews verified?

Do you have a refund policy?

What platforms are reviews posted on?

Who will have access to my book manuscript?

Is this for self published or traditionally published authors?

How many podcasts does your search engine have and what type of information does it return?

How long do Amazon and Apple Podcast reviews take to post?

How do I cancel my account?


Unlimited Books.
Unlimited Podcasts.
Unlimited Reviews.
Unlimited Connections.
Unlimited Searches.
  • Add Unlimited Books and Podcasts
  • Unlimited Reviews for each Book and Podcast
  • Connect with Unlimited Authors and Podcasters
  • Get Unlimited Podcast Search Engine Results
  • Get Unlimited Review Recommendations

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